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Martedì, 03 Agosto 2010 12:08

Confessionale di Ulivo

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Venerdì, 03 Luglio 2009 18:30


The weekend came so quickly! Today we worked on the goat pen, fed the animals, and cut some excess branches off olive trees. The sun sapped our energy, so we took a nap after lunch. We ate multo buono food and had fun watching the children. Tomorrow, we plan to venture to Montecatini and explore!

Buona notte,
Kristina and Katalin

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Lunedì, 06 Luglio 2009 14:58


Today we worked in the olive grove for a while until we got caught in a loud and scary thunderstorm. After eating, we went on a drive to the seaside to pick up two baby goats from Brunella!

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Martedì, 07 Luglio 2009 14:37


Today, we picked up lots of sticks in the olive grove so Alessandro could cut the tall grass. That was our main activity for the day, then we walked to the coop to buy some lemon popsicles. And gelato.

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Orto degli Ulivi

Siamo una semplice famiglia Contadina in armonia con la natura.

Nota: Non siamo un'impresa, non abbiamo migliaia di animali.