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Lunedì, 26 Ottobre 2009 15:12

Troppa carne secondo me non fa bene.

Forse questa tavola è indice di benessere, nonostante ciò mi sembra però opportuno cominciare una felice decrescita perchè avanti così non ci resterà che mangiarci a vicenda.Voi che ne dite?

p.s.: Grazie a Ste per la dritta

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Venerdì, 03 Luglio 2009 18:30


The weekend came so quickly! Today we worked on the goat pen, fed the animals, and cut some excess branches off olive trees. The sun sapped our energy, so we took a nap after lunch. We ate multo buono food and had fun watching the children. Tomorrow, we plan to venture to Montecatini and explore!

Buona notte,
Kristina and Katalin

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Giovedì, 02 Luglio 2009 14:54

day 2!

Today we continued working on the fence and began construction on a pen that will hold two baby goats. Also, we watered the vegetables and fed some of the animals. The weather was beautiful, as usual. For dinner, we went to the Villa next door and ate some delicious gourmet food. Kristina and I have never eaten zucchini flowers before, but they turned out to be very tasty. Also, I was fond of the spicy orange marmalade. After dinner, the family took us to Montecatini for gelato! It was muuulltoo bene! I have a new favorite flavor, mascarpone. Domani we will be scooping some donkey poop and finishing the pen. 

Kristina and Katalin

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Mercoledì, 01 Luglio 2009 14:44

Our first couple of days

This is the first time we have ever wwoofed..and so far it is one of our favorite experiences. Before arriving at the farm, we stayed in Rome for 5 days. It was very beautiful and great for historic sightseeing, but it did not have the same beauty as the farm. Here at Orto degli Ulivi, we are surrounded by mountains, olive trees and other vegetation, a variety of animals, and a loving family. So far we have learned some new Italian words, how to feed the animals, and how to mend a wire fence. The food we eat at each meal is incredibly appetizing. We truely feel that while we are on this farm we are observing and contributing to a wonderful organic lifestyle. 

We will write again soon!

-Katalin and Kristina

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Martedì, 07 Luglio 2009 14:37


Today, we picked up lots of sticks in the olive grove so Alessandro could cut the tall grass. That was our main activity for the day, then we walked to the coop to buy some lemon popsicles. And gelato.

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Orto degli Ulivi

Siamo una semplice famiglia Contadina in armonia con la natura.

Nota: Non siamo un'impresa, non abbiamo migliaia di animali.