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Venerdì, 16 Ottobre 2009 21:00

Misha and Gwens farm update

Lots has been going on since our last post. As every day goes by we appreciate more and more the beauty of the Tuscan hills, the olive groves and the perfect weather- not to mention the fabulous traditional tuscan cuisine.- Since we have arrived we have gotten to know the many personalities of the animals and it has been such a pleasure spending time with them. Some major projects that have taken place since we have arrived are extending the garden, and building a cosy home for the peacocks. In our leisure time we ave had the opportunity to explore the old villages- Massa and Cozzile and the theraputic hot springs of Montecatini.- We have also been to Florence, Pisa and Lucca. Lucca being our favourite. 

Food highlights:

Gelato from Gemmas favourite gelateria
Foccacia from Lucca
Gourmet dinner at the Villa (which is next door to the farm)

Other Highlights:

Watching Noe and Gemma having a dance party at the villa and inviting the Kangaroo

Tomorrow we will be heading to the Adriadic Sea. It has been a really amazing two weeks here on the farm!

Martedì, 06 Ottobre 2009 19:53

Arrival of Gwen and Misha

We arrived at the farm 2 days ago and have been warmly welcomed. We are excited to see so many olive trees! Toscana is a lot like we imagined it to be, but there is still much exploring to do. So far in our first 2 days we helped in the garden, and tried to brush the donkies. It is nice to spend time with this lovely family. We are learning so much about Italy from them and we are really enjoying the Italian vegan cuisine. We look forward to exploring Florence, Lucca and Pisa, since the farm is so close to these cities.


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Nota: Non siamo un'impresa, non abbiamo migliaia di animali.